Team Yellovelo

YELLOVELO was created by Alex and Fleur from their lust for life and a passion to spend every living moment of it on a bike!  Road cycling is something that is accessible to everyone whatever your goals or ability so we invite you to live the dream with us.

Cycling with YELLOVELO is about new adventures, experiences, developing skills and gaining an enormous sense of achievement and progression in your ride ability. We support you every step of the way helping you to achieve everything you have set your mind to.

Our INCLUSIVE TOURS & DAY RIDES are designed to make the time spent on the bike an enjoyable and realistic goal as well as incorporating the feeling of relaxation and sightseeing that you’d expect on any holiday.  We don’t ride for hours on end till you end up a total wreck. Hopefully at the end of the day you’ll feel comfortably and suitably challenged and eager for the next day. We are always able to adjust the day’s ride to suit the ability of the riders. Your comfort is paramount.

BESPOKE TRAINING and COACHING RIDES  are carefully planned and created to get you to where you want to be in your training for the season or for specific events.

Our WEEKED CAMPS are designed to allow all levels of cyclists develop skill, confidence and knowledge of the sport and learning about the equipment that they are using. These camps allow you to start pushing the borders of your current level to progress further in the sport with longer rides, climbs, and key skills to developing more efficient ways of riding.  The camps also gives you the opportunity to experience riding in a group and perhaps riding in circumstances that you wouldn’t normally consider riding in.

Our TRAINING CAMPS are not boot camps but they are there to get you trained and ready for the rides and climbs of a lifetime or to get you trained for a specific sportive or event.  Yellovelo knows what it takes for you to realise a dream and get results.  We work hard at getting the logistics together, planning the routes and getting you trained, motivated and prepared for the riding ahead so all you have to do is get in the saddle each day and enjoy the ride.

Yellovelo oozes passion for road cycling and gives life to a whole new world filled with endless possibilities. You’ll be hard pushed to find a cycling company with this level of experience, skill, professionalism, knowledge and love for the sport. In our cycling holiday experiences, the riding and rider comes first.

Alex - The Velomeister



ALEX grew up in the Alps and has been instructing as a professional French Ski instructor for over 18yrs.  As an incredibly fit and experienced and well seasoned mountain rider and  an experiences racer in Cycling Sportive’s such as the Marmotte , The Etape Du Tour (finished in the top 4% in 2016),  and the Haute Route, Alex, knows exactly what it takes to take care of your physical wellbeing, progression and fitness, plus the importance of correct nutrition, recovery, hydration and preparation. He has over 20years experience in the world of cycling and has an amazing mental map of all the routes we follow and lots of local intricate knowledge of the roads and climbs we guide you on. He is the person you want to lead a ride and to be riding next to as his guidance, professionalism and support is second to none.   The time he spends with each individual on the ride is invaluable to getting each rider ultimately to the finish line but even more important is getting you there safely and with the eagerness for more!  You can just sit back in the saddle and concentrate on just yourself and relax knowing you have his experience and skills by your side.  Enjoy the view & ride!

Fleur - The Rest!


FLEUR‘s studies and passion for travel ultimately led her to working in the tourism industry since leaving college. The combination of Alex’s lust for road cycling and Fleur’s appetite for travel inevitably gave life to Yellovelo. To have a tour operation business was always the dream! In the early days of Yellovelo and being new to the sport herself,  Fleur was often the guinea pig for new rides with those in mind that were relatively new to the sport or new to riding in the Alps.  Together with Alex, they were able to offer their own experiences to both sides to the spectrum, beginners & experienced riders alike. In the years that Yellovelo has been operating, Fleur’s riding and attitude to it has changed a lot, growing and developing over the years.  Fleur has many times been out of her comfort zone but wanted to be able to encourage others to do the same.  If she could do it, then anyone could! Enjoying new challenges year in year out, getting fitter, faster and learning new skills, has enabled her to explore new destinations has left her and wanting more.

“I’ll always consider myself a rookie at this sport even as the years rolls by as I picked it up later in life.  What amazes me are the new challenges it brings every year. What is ultimately the most important thing is that I love it! I particularly love the way its sets my mind free. I love looking at the scenery, and I enjoy the social aspect to it including the coffee stops! All I need is the open road and a well padded chamois!” fleur

With our fully led and supported rides you can feel that you can achieve what you may have felt was previously out of reach. The YELLOVELO experience a must for every cyclist’s bucket list

Come Ride With Us!



CHOOSE life. CHOOSE a bike. CHOOSE a challenge. CHOOSE a destination. CHOOSE Brittany, Morzine, Ventoux, The Alps. CHOOSE a time. CHOOSE a dream to follow. CHOOSE friends, new ones, old ones, and cracking team mates. CHOOSE good health, low cholesterol and travel insurance. CHOOSE fixed interest bike loan repayments. CHOOSE a ride leader and support vehicle. CHOOSE lycra. CHOOSE the Tour De France. CHOOSE cycling wear and matching team jerseys. CHOOSE a three course meal and a nice hotel. CHOOSE tarmac and wonder is there a better place to be on a Sunday morning? CHOOSE sitting in the saddle watching mind-blowing, spirit-lifting scenery pass you by, whilst stuffing energy gels into your mouth. CHOOSE relaxing at the end of it all, wishing your adventure would never end, thinking there’s nothing more to life than a decent bike, plenty of road and fellow psyched up cyclists that you’ve shed blood, sweat and tears with. CHOOSE your future. CHOOSE life… CHOOSE YELLOVELO!