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Morzine appears to have a serious case of the measles! They are in fact the spots which adorne the king of the mountain Tour jersey, which Morzine has chosen as the theme to welcome their imminent arrival.  Operation pois rouge has local business & chalets going Tour mad with their displays of red spots and beautiful Tour De France themed bunting handmade by some lovely local ladies. Even a local bakery gone to a fantastic effort of baking a bread bike and the mountain rescue team has been busy etching out an image of a bike on to the peak of La Pointe De Ressachaux.

The Tour will be exploding on to the roads in area and riding the stage we’ve become exteremly familiar with over the last few months. This is the Etape Du Tour stage and this time, the pros will be riding the climbs that many of us now will be able to relate to and we’ll feel their pain and efforts at every stroke of the pedal! This is the queen stage of the Tour De France and will be a most exciting stage as riders battle for the last time for their places in the GC which will determine their fates in this competition.

Yellovelo are excited to see the Tour as always and for the second time this week and we do tend to have lots of fun at the side of the road cheering on the riders, enjoying the atmosphere and making friends .  This year will be a little different for us as Alex will be cycling with Vittel and the Morzine cycling team ahead of the caravan and the riders, so keep your eyes peeled as he rides pass. If you are unable to get out to see the stage by the roadside, then make sure you have a comfy seat in front of the tv, cheer as loudly as possible and you may even see glimpse of us too as we tend to have a habit of popping up on the screen! Have fun and Vive Le Tour!!!

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Written by Fleur Sant July 2016