Etape Du Tour Finish Col D'Izoard


Etape Du Tour Recce Training Rides in Annecy for those who are competing in the event.

With the lead up to the Etape Du Tour 2018, we are giving you an opportunity to ride the Etape Du Tour route over 2 days and incorporate some real inside knowledge to the route and to improve your performance for the event. Knowing what’s coming will keep you ahead of the competition! The Etape Du Tour is a gruelling sportive and your best weapon will be preparation and Yellovelo’s Etape Du Tour Recce Training Rides!!

Are you asking yourself these questions about the Etape Du Tour?

  • What is Etape Du Tour Recce Training?
  • What is the Etape Du Tour all about?
  • Am I up for it and if so, how do I tackle it?
  • How do I prepare?
  • How do I register prior, where do I go on the day, where is my bin?
  • What shall I take onboard on the day and how do I prepare my bike?
  • What if I have a mechanical on the day? How do I tackle that!?
  • What will be the best strategy for my ability and what can I do better?
  • Am I being realistic or did I set the bar too high?
  • How hard is the first climb, let alone the second and how will I feel after riding the valley floor?
  • What cheeky tips can I learn to gain time, save energy? Who do I get them from?……….

DON’T PANIC!! Yellovelo is here to help you! These 2 days will be the best investment you’ll ever make! With Yellovelo’s  Alex, aka the Velomeister,  you’ll be able to see for yourself, answer all those questions keeping you up at night and you will get a real feel for the course so you’ll know exactly what’s coming on the day of the Etape Du Tour.

Take full advantage of our first hand local knowledge of the Etape Du Tour and the support that goes with it. Benefit not only from Alex’s 20yrs experience instructing as a fully qualified ISTD/BEES Ski Instructor  but most importantly benefit from his years of experience competing in the Etape Du Tour, Marmotte, Morzine, Megeve sportives and many more.  Finishing in the top 4% of the 2016 Etape Du Tour means Alex knows what it takes to not only complete but also to compete!

Whatever your goals for the Etape Du Tour, Yellovelo will help you to accomplish them.  It’s OUR tips, OUR experience, OUR passion for the sport and OUR help that will get you through the day to fulfil the dream!

Subjects for Etape Du Tour training will be covered and personalised such as….

  • Your bike setup – you will be surprised at what changes can really improve you on the bike and your overall performance and comfort.
  • Nutrition – Not just for the day but in preparation and the days prior.
  • Strategy – You will need to have one!
  • Efficiency on the bike – More efficiency means more energy saved for the long haul
  • Recovery – Oh yes! This is very important and needs to be done a certain way!
  • Skills you will learn –  Possibly from scratch or need work on such as descending, cornering, braking.
  • You will be coached using various techniques and tools and training plans based on what we see, will be tailored to you for the weeks leading up to the event.

General Itinerary:

2 RIDING DAYS – Annecy

Evening prior to Day 1 – We will meet  you at a pre arranged location in Morzine for route and bike prep and go over the day ahead.

Day 1 – Collection from your accommodation in Morzine to the start line. Briefing prior, coaching en route, debriefing/questions after riding & return to Morzine. Stops will be incorporated over the ride for rest & sustenance.

Day 2 – Collection from your accommodation in Morzine to the start of the ride. Briefing prior, coaching en route, return to Morzine. Stops will be incorporated over the ride for rest & sustenance. Evening full debrief and strategy brief at a pre arranged location or at your accommodation.

PRICE – Please Enquire

Dates are bespoke to suit you. Book early to avoid any disappointment!


Included are 2 fully supported & coached led rides and picnic lunch, snacks/tea/coffee are also provided by Yellovelo. Accommodation NOT provided.

Group bookings of 6 will receive a 10% discount off the total balance.