Etape Du Tour Training


2018 Etape Du Tour Training Camp June – Click here for Dates


The Etape Du Tour comes every year and whilst the location varies from year to year, the approach to Etape sportive stays the same. Mountain routes are our training roads, our local rides which means we are the best choice for getting you Etape fit for the event wherever the location.  Every year Yellovelo recce and train on the Etape Du Tour routes themselves so we can prepare you leagues ahead of everyone else.

The legendary climbs that makes the Etape Du Tour so exciting to viewers and riders alike will be yours for the riding on this great Etape Du Tour Training camp week. With us by your side every step of the way, you will have everything you will need to be able to enjoy a great Etape Du Tour Training week on the bike!

The Etape Du Tour sportive is a must for any hardcore rider wishing to add Cols and new notches to their bike posts and there are many more local lesser known climbs to throw yourself up and tick the box to!  The Etape Du Tour sportive is challenging but most importantly is achievable, we are there every step of the way, weknow every curve, climb and bump and will guide you & train you every step of the way. We’ll get you disciplined on your bike, open your eyes to new tricks to technique and get you to be the most efficient and into the best shape you’ve ever been on your bike!  Whether you are training for the Etape Du Tour event itself or just riding with your own goals in mind and on your own terms, you will never forget what you have accomplished at the end!  Take advantage of our years of cycling in this type of sporting event, in this terrain and unique environment. You won’t get this kind of Etape Du Tour Training in the UK!!  With the excitement of the Etape Du Tour every year, we are very eager to share the experience with you!

The week is 5 Days of riding, starting with the first 3 riding days warming up and training in the Morzine area and local Valleys.  Moving on to climbs that have been mapped on the various Etape Du Tour routes over the years and the final 2 days to complete an Etape Du Tour style route to mimic what you’ll be riding on the day.   Team meetings during the Etape Du Tour Training and briefings are a daily occurrence, going over our goals and expectations, recovery, and preparation and on the last day it’s all about celebrating, wrapping things up and briefing you on what the logistics are on the day and how to prepare leading up to the day.

Each Etape Du Tour Training day will incorporate riding to maximise training and recovery and will prepare you for the climbs that you will be riding leading up to the Etape Du Tour route itself.  You will work up to these climbs over the course of the camp. This is a training camp, not boot camp! We don’t push you to within an inch of your life! This Etape Du Tour Training camp is all about improving your riding, riding longer, climbing harder than you’ve previously achieved and getting the maximum results from efficient riding with guidance and support.  These rides and climbs are all achievable and Yellovelo will encourage and support you every step of the way.  It’s a great week to meet fellow like minded riders and to enjoy the social and team building aspects of any challenge when shared. We hope you will have something to look back on with a huge sense of achievement and pride and with the experience of this camp, we’d hope that you will continue to push yourself to higher levels of this sport and achieve new goals. You will be amazed at what you can really do!

To prepare for the Etape Du Tour Training week, you should have completed around 2000 riding km over the season leading up to the week.  We are happy to discuss your level of fitness and riding ability with you so that you will be prepared sufficiently for this week.  We are happy to give you any advice from our own experiences and give all the info you need on how to train and prepare for this week.  When you have arrived, we will assist you with the correct setting up of your bike to ensure you are all ready to ride in the morning. The same evening, before the first day of the Etape Du Tour Training week, we meet up for a meeting and discuss the plan for the week over coffee in the village of Morzine.

PRICE: From £1250 per person*

  • Snack/Lunch on the ride – Homemade & provided by Yellovelo
  • 5x Fully Supported and Led Rides
  • Digital photos & Videos of the week
  • All training/coaching/tips/bike set up

Accommodation – We have accommodation partners with chalets in Morzine should you require accommodation as an add on to this camp. We give you the choice to choose your own accommodation or use us! Please let us know if you need accommodation when booking. Prices are from £70 per person per night including breakfast and evening meals and prices and facilities will be confirmed upon booking.

*Camp only price. Accommodation is extra and can be booked through Yellovelo. Group bookings may qualify for a discounted group rate.

  • Breakfast arround at 7/7.30am. You need to have a couple of hours after to allow your breakfast to settle before hopping on your bike. This also gives you time to prep your bike for the day and load up anything you need us to take for you on the support vehicle. We will collect you from your accommodation.
  • We’ll aim to ride after 9am.
  • We’ll ride for a few hours depending on the itinerary of the day and over the course of the day, we make appropriate stops for coffee and lunch where you can enjoy local views, rest and re stock supplies! Support vehicle meets up at each scheduled stop and will be visible at various stages on the climbs.
  • More riding to make a full circle back to the start of the ride or to the support vehicle to drive back to your accommodation .
  • Free Time/Wash Bike!?
  • Dinner – Re fuel!
  • Zzzzzzz


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