Brittany Rides

Brittany Road Cycling Holidays and Training

BRITTANY is a very cycle friendly area with its gentle climbs and quiet roads, which is why we chose to operate our warm up to the season cycling tours here. There are hundreds of quaint secondary roads wiggling in and out of very typical granite built villages and hamlets giving a rich choice of routes through the beautiful countryside.

Bespoke Tours in May/October only. Please Enquire

Cycling Holidays and Training in Brittany


Whether new to long distances or need the comfort of full support, progressing on your road bike or simply a keen cyclist out to enjoy a fresh adventure and a great holiday. Enjoy this Tour of Bretagne and get some real miles behind you. Brittany’s quiet roads and gentle climbs, makes this a great experience at a more leisurely pace.

2018 MINI Tour De Bretagne On Request
2018 Tour De Bretagne On Request