Yellovelo Weekend Road Cycling Camps Morzine


Learn, Warm up, Train & Progress!                                                    

These Camps are a must if you want to get the most our of your ride ability and enjoy the sport to its max.

Whether you are new to road biking, new to distance and new to riding in the Alps or a seasoned rider keen to improve yourself and push your existing limits, these camps will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to allow you to enjoy this sport’s potential.

Take the opportunity to meet other riders and learn, improve and enjoy your cycling in a new and exciting environment. You will learn things you never knew were there to learn!

Benefit from the knowledge and training of an experienced and competitive alpine cyclist with the comfort of knowing that backup is always present with the Yellovelo support vehicle hot on your heels


Over the 3 days of each Camp, we will cover subjects relevant to each level and will include subjects such as;              

Yellovelo Intermediate Clinic

  • Bike & Cleat fitting
  • What bike is for you? How you should set your bike up
  • Gear changing                         
  • Useful ‘on the bike’ techniques for drinking, eating, pedalling et
  • How to ride in a group, slipstream riding, relaying, pacing etc
  • Introduction to climbing
  • Climbing technique training
  • On road repairs and punctures
  • The right clothing, kit, food & drinks, hydration, recovery
  • How to pace yourself, stamina, cadence etc
  • How to ride on the wet
  • and MUCH MORE!

General Information

Typical Day We will pick you up* and drive down to where we will start the day.

There will be theory and practical subjects to cover before we set out on the day’s ride covering subjects that are relevant to your level and experiences. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions! We will have the turbo trainer with us everyday to look at how you are set up on your bike and this will be the perfect opportunity to try out practical exercises before we hit the road.

We’ll ride with coffees stops and give you valuable feedback and a well deserved rest and then continue.  At the end of the ride, we will debrief you with individual feedback over the day’s progression and go over the next days itinerary.

We will then drop you back off at your pick up point.

Each course will have a different on road itinerary to suit the level of the group. We don’t limit the areas in which we ride to where we are based. We ride in the surrounding valleys and neighbouring countryside and go where we know the ride will suit the group’s levels, abilities and passions.

We’ll take plenty of photos for the duration of the course which we use for feedback and then we’ll compile them for you and send you a souvenir album.

You will need to bring your own bike, drinks and snacks, spares and a wet bag with wet weather clothing and anything you more that you feel you need with you. The support vehicle will be accompanying the course riders all day so you can leave anything you need in the van.

Mountain Rookie rides will be between 70 & 100km each day.

Mountain Goat rides will be between 80 & 150km each day.

Lady Rider Rookie & Progression rides will be between 40 & 90km each day.

Please note Rides in the Alps are at altitudes of over 500m.

The rides are designed to help you to build up stamina and distance gradually over the duration of the camp with you achieving more and more each day. A great way to spend a few days with new friends or old in breathtaking locations around Morzine & the Alps enjoying your sport to the max!


DATES & PRICES – All Camps £299pp Camp Only/£740pp Camp & 4nts Accommodation 

Mountain Rookie Camp 

Mountain Goat Camp

  • 3 Riding Days  – Dates

Lady Rider Rookie Camp 

  • 3 Riding Days – Dates 

Lady Rider Progression Camp

  • 3 Riding Days – Dates 

*Pick up from local accommodation only

See you on the road!



“Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable 3 days. Your attention to detail throughout the camp was excellent, from the information given and the care you took of us. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to riding again with you. I would not hesitate to recommend you and cannot speak highly enough of you and Yellovelo”. Emma T 
“Thanks again so much to you and Alex for a great few days riding, I learnt a lot and had great fun! I got out of the camp exactly what I had hoped for, more confidence, more knowledge and more technique, as well as a few ideas of new routes to try – it doesn’t always have to be murderously uphill! Also pleased to find out I can ride for more than 2 days in a row without my legs or bum screaming at me! Keep me on the mailing list for next year’s camp, looking forward to it already :-)” Ailsa B